Keynote Speaker

Courtney Godfrey

TV reporter
Fox 9 in Minneapolis

Courtney Godfrey is a local TV reporter at Fox 9 in Minneapolis. Her job has taken her all over the country, from San Francisco to New York City. She has reported on major news events, appearing on Fox News Channel and She has interviewed celebrities and sports icons, and covered major events including the death of George Floyd, the Super Bowl and multiple Kentucky Derbys. But her greatest joy comes from telling inspiring stories of everyday people doing extraordinary things.

In September 2017, her life was sent into a tailspin following a tragic accident. But she never lost her positivity, learning to harness her trauma and turn it into good.

Courtney serves on the board of the Hennepin Healthcare Foundation and nationally recognized amputee non-profit, Wiggle Your Toes.

On her own time, she mentors and does hospital visits (…or she did before the pandemic!). She advocates at the state and federal level, lobbying members of the Minnesota legislature and U.S. Congress.

She lives in Minnetonka with her husband and their two-year-old son, Callan.

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